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Welcome to Provence!

It is the year 1210. The people of this land attempt to weather the furious storm of the Albigensian Crusade raging all about them. Battles have been won and lost, and Simon De Montfort leads the Devout in a zealous and bloody mission to cleanse Occitania of the heretic Cathars.

But it is also a place of culture— of Courtly Love and troubadours, of Knights Templar, Hospitallers, and the Knights of Santiago. The Way of St. James wends its road through forest and marsh, over mountain pass, drawing ever closer to holy Compostella. The ruins of the Roman Empire stand next to Faerie dolmens and demons lurk in shadows to pick over the bitter ashes of massacre.

To the Southwest, beyond the jagged gate of the Pyrenees, lie the many kingdoms of Iberia and their Reconquista against the Moors. To the North are the lands of the Dauphin and the Angevin King of England— John Lackland. To the East lies the realm of the Pope and the Holy Roman Emperor, stoic and self-interested. To the South, Barbary corsairs sail the dark waters of the Mediterranean and the Sultans of the Almohads gaze across the waves from the Maghreb with avarice.

What place will your magi carve in this heartland of the Order of Hermes? Will they take up against the heretics? Defend the unjustly persecuted Cathars? Uncover the lost secrets of the Empire’s Cult of Mercury or learn the mysteries of the Fair Folk? Do they hunt the Dragon of the Pyrenees or pursue their fortune on the sea? Will they walk the path of righteous saints, seek the hidden insights of madmen, or follow the footsteps of noble paladins?

All this and more awaits in the idyllic countryside of Provencal!

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